Feature Comparison

Non-Contact Printing Technology
Text, Barcodes & Graphic coding
Service Fee
Available Ink choices213939
Maximum print speed7.1m/s9m/s9m/s
User interface

Integrated 7inch Touchscreen

Moveable 7 or 10.4inch with mounting options

Detachable 7 or 10.4inch with mounting options

Cabinet MaterialsIP55

Stainless Steel Cabinet with IP66 Zone electronic enclosure

Marine grade Stainless Steel Cabinet with  IP66 Zone electronic enclosure

Size37.3cm (H)
40.0cm (W)
39.3cm (D)
41.0cm (H)
43.0cm (W)
38.0cm (D)
41.0cm (H)
43.0cm (W)
38.0cm (D)
Performance Packs