Western Print Systems & Labels help your product standout with dynamic custom food labels. Food labelling laws ensure that consumers receive all the necessary information about the food they consume, and food production and packaging companies are obliged to follow these. When ordering food labels from us, however, you won’t have to compromise on your design.

At Western Print Systems & Labels we cater to everyone’s needs from large corporations to small businesses. Whether you need food labels to properly present you in the store or want a better presentation for your small organic food shop we will brighten up your products and offer digital printing solutions that suit your particular needs.


Western Print Systems & Labels mission is to offer the upmost digital printing services for any size companies. WPS promises to work and listen to customers to achieve their goals.


  • Compatible Papers
  • Matte Paper
  • White Gloss paper
  • White Matte Papper
  • Premium white Gloss
  • White High Gloss paper
  • Premium Clear Gloss
  • Premium Matte White
  • Clear Laminate (Gloss or Matte)